About Us

Our goal is to provide you
with the best live
captioning service available

Talented. Reliable. Accurate.
Affordable. Quality.

CARMEL ~ Owner & Steno

A live captioning expert & stenographer herself!

CaptionsLIVE is owned and operated by a stenographer with over 30 years’ experience whose aim is to create a business model that delivers the best possible live captioning experience at an affordable price while still maintaining fair and reasonable conditions for the stenographers who work here. It’s not enough to create great accessibility; she wants to look after the stenographers too.

Founded in Melbourne, the business is now based in Brisbane and hand-picks the best and most experienced freelance stenographers Australia wide to assist you with your on site or remote captioning needs.






Our stenocaptioners are the most talented in the business and have a wide range of live captioning experience.

All have captioned events, conferences, forums, committees, television and much more.

High-profile jobs do not faze them. We use only the most talented stenographers from around Australia.

Using a stenographer is not only the best way to produce live captions but also by far the most reliable.​

You can rely on the output to be consistently high, even if given limited-to-no preparation.

Our rates are set at a level where you can afford to have the best captions possible all the time. We want to be a captioning service you can actually afford to use. At CaptionsLIVE we aim to be a sustainable business – sustainable for our stenos and sustainable for our clients.

We keep our prices low enough that you can afford to have two stenos when needed on a job, not only looking after our stenos for their own career longevity but also so they will be available to provide a premium service to clients well into the future.

A skilled Stenocaptioner will produce highly accurate real-time captions (over 98.5% accuracy) while maintaining caption integrity.

All of our stenocaptioners can write machine shorthand in excess of 220wpm with a minimum accuracy of 98.5% and often much higher – both speed and accuracy!

The captions we produce are not a summary of what is said but a verbatim record, in our case created live by a stenocaptioner.

It is a fact that the best captions are produced by a trained stenocaptioner.

​We’re all perfectionists at heart!