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Remote Live Captioning

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Remote live captioning at CaptionsLIVE can help you by:

  • Live streaming text to you via a URL
  • Overlaying captions onto a live stream (e.g. StreamCast, OBS, vMix)
  • Providing a link that can be embedded into a webpage with or without a livestream.
  • Providing a stable platform by which to deliver remote live captioning
  • Support to set up remote live captioning,
  • No need to download or log into software, just click on the link we provide – it’s that simple!
  • Our remote live captioning software allows you to control the pace of the captions, choose the font, select the background and font colours, and move and resize the box so you can get even more understanding by having the set-up the way you want it.
StreamCast by StreamText - Live Captions
Reliable Caption Delivery Solutions

Live Stream Captions for All Platforms

Zoom - Live Captioning Service Australia
StreamYard - Live Captioning Service Australia

High Quality Service

When you book your remote live captioning service your captions will be provided by the same high-quality stenocaptioners and be delivered with the same professionalism that you’d get if you booked on site.

We promise you the same experience and affordable rates remotely as with an on site booking and​ all our stenocaptioners have extensive experience with remote captioning.

Our experience has allowed us to choose a caption-delivery platform that is both reliable and professional. You, the client, get the benefit of that.

Our clients particularly love the StreamCast captioning widget as it allows you to control the pace of the captions but best of all, because it is a text-on-top box you can check emails or use other applications without your captions getting lost behind other windows you have open.

I’ve heard it described as, “the captioning widget you’ve always wanted.”
We’d love to be part of your next virtual conference or event.

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Professional Service, Expert Support

What about getting audio to the captioner?
Need help organising audio delivery? We can recommend audio solutions to help you deliver the best audio to us so you can get the best captions delivered to you.

​Not sure how to connect or enable remote captions? When you book with us we will be with you all the way. We will provide you easy-to-follow instructions and will help you set up your conference or event for remote live captioning. We will be online with you on the day to assist with troubleshooting and to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Worried about confidentiality? Our team take pride in their work and guarantee accuracy and confidentiality. To protect your privacy, confidentiality agreements are in place with all captioners. We can also make you a secure session and link for your booking that is unique to you. Just let us know when you book your live remote captioning session.